How To Engage Potential Customers With Your Video Marketing

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If you look back through your memories, you will find that your life has been built upon storytelling. 

From the bedtime stories that you fell asleep to, to the ghost stories that kept you awake. From the forgotten lines in your first school play forever captured on your mum’s camcorder, to the afternoon T.V shows you watched in your school uniform while she cooked your tea. From the tales you spun to avoid a telling off, to the “exaggerated truths” you told about your little brother (and about how exactly you got that bruise on your arm) to make sure he got one. From the worlds that threaten to burst from between the lines written on aged pages that have that smell (you know the smell I’m talking about), to the adventures you wish you could leap straight through the cinema screen and join in with. From the day you open your eyes for the first time until the day you close them for the last, you are one amazing, shining, constantly moving, constantly fascinating story.

And that is what you need to think about when it comes to engaging your viewers with your videos. Because your business is just that, it’s a story bursting to be told. You didn’t wake up one morning and accidentally start a business (as much as we like to joke that we did!)

There are lots of more logical reasons why your business needs a video, and you can find more about them here.

But, when it comes to what your video should be I have one word for you: story. You need to tell a story, and we find there are basically three types of story you can tell in your video marketing (there are more, but this is a basic overview).

1. Your Story

Who are you? Why do you do what you do? What is your emotional connection to what you do? People want to see a face, and more importantly they want to see your face. They want to see you putting yourself out there on video and saying “This is who I am. This is why I do what I do. I am taking accountability for my business and telling you that you can trust me.”

We all have a reason for doing what we do, and that’s a story people care about because that’s what tells your customers why you are so invested in the quality of the product or service they are buying. When you put yourself out there and claim ownership of your business and your reasons for working hard doing what you do, people will not only engage and resonate with you but more importantly they will trust you as a human being who is selling something.

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Not only do these kinds of video humanise you and your brand, but they give you the opportunity to present yourself as an expert in your field by showing & telling the world exactly what you do.


2. Your Customer’s Story

Another great way to engage viewers (i.e. potential customers) is to tell the story of your customers. In other words, put your product/service into context. Make it relatable - allow the viewer to imagine themselves in the video. And, importantly, make sure it creates an emotional response in the viewer. Don’t just show people using what you’re selling - show how someone’s life and the things that are important to them are affected and improved by what you’re selling. Don’t show a bag of haylage and talk about the added nutritional value of feeding it to your horse than that of hay - show the bond and the love between a horse and its owner, show the care that goes into keeping a horse, show the silliness shared between horse and owner, show how the horse has changed the owner’s life irrevocably and how they want nothing but the absolute best for their horse. And oh, by the way, they buy my haylage.

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3. Another Story Altogether

This is where things can get really creative. With this you can go as abstract as you wish - from totally unrelated (which is sometimes the most memorable) to a full narrative story linked to your service or product (which can work as an animation or live action “short film” which, believe it or not, can be as short as 1 minute long!)

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These are our absolute favourite types of video (or film) to make, as we can really let our creative juices flow and get stuck in with script-writing, location and costume sourcing and everything else that goes along with it! These types of video are so well received because they don’t feel like an advert. If you can hook people from the very beginning they want to watch your video just as much as they want to watch a film or TV show that has their attention. People don’t like watching adverts - so show them a short film instead. It puts your product or service into a whole new context, and takes away the feeling of being “sold” something.

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Regardless of what your video shows, it needs to be truthful. Consider what you’re trying to say and then say it - don’t copy the adverts that have been done before because you think it’s the norm and you have to conform (I'm a poet and I didn't know it... well I do know it actually I've got a degree in it, but anyway....)

Be creative, be different, be you.

You are one business out of a million, but there is only one you.


Teri Moran

Teri is our resident producer, writer and cat-lover. Rumour has it she makes shot-lists in her sleep and only eats popcorn and her words. She enjoys long walks on the beach, complaining about her sunburn after long walks on the beach and generally looking like she knows what she’s doing when really she’s singing Taylor Swift songs to herself in her head and thinking about where her next coffee is coming from.