The Best Questions To Ask In A Video Testimonial

Video testimonials are a great way to spread the good word about your business. After all, who has a more trustworthy recommendation than somebody who has used your product or service and loved it?

Hiring a production company to create some professional video testimonials is a great way to ensure good quality content (and something we can help with!) but if you’re working with a smaller budget it isn’t always an option (or necessary!) to hire someone in. For more information on how to make great looking and sounding videos at home, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog that is jam-packed with tips on making your at-home videos look and sound great on a budget.

If you decide to create some of your own video testimonials you may be wondering what questions you should be asking. Well, look no further! Below are the 5 things you should be asking your clients/customers in a video testimonial in order to get the best results.


1. Who are you?

Ask the person you are interviewing to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what they do. Don’t let them waffle on forever, but if you ensure that you allow them a little time to introduce themselves then your viewers will know that they are listening to a real person who has genuinely used your services. Otherwise, the viewer may wonder if you’ve just roped your best mate in to say nice things about your business.

2. When did you begin to use our product/service?

This again ensures to your viewers that this person is a legitimate service user and adds more credibility to what they have to say! You could also use this as an opportunity to ask them what has made them stick around for so long (assuming they have been a long-time customer!). Feel free to lump this in with question one to quicken up the video - remember, the more concise the better when it comes to video testimonials!

3. What issue were you having before you came to us?

In other words - what were they looking to fix? Did they need help with their marketing? Did they have a persistent back ache? Did they need a specific pair of shoes for an event? Whether or not we realise it, every service or product we buy into we do so with the hope that it will fix some sort of problem or need of ours. What drove this specific customer to your doorstep?

4. How have we helped you with this issue?

Try and get them to be specific with their answer. How exactly did you provide them with a solution to their problem? Personal anecdotes and specific examples go a long way when trying to convince somebody that your business is the one that can help. You don’t sell generic products or services so don’t settle for generic answers!

5. Why would you recommend us?

Again, seek out their own personal reasons. If they say your business has excellent communication skills ask for an example of when they received excellent communication. Was it via phone? Email? Who did they speak to? If they say your product is the best they have used ask them why. Was it more durable? Was it great value? Does it make you breakfast in bed and greet you after work with a glass of wine and a bubble bath? Again, don’t settle for generic answers. Don’t be afraid to say “can we try that response again, but this time maybe give a more specific example of what you mean when you say….”

Video testimonials can do a world of good for your business, so just remember to keep them short and sweet and as specific as possible! And, if you want to take the quality of them one step further - you know where to find us!


Teri Moran

Teri is our resident producer, writer and cat-lover. Rumour has it she makes shot-lists in her sleep, and only eats popcorn and her words. She enjoys long walks on the beach, complaining about her sunburn after long walks on the beach and generally looking like she knows what she’s doing when really she’s singing Taylor Swift songs to herself in her head and thinking about where her next coffee is coming from

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