Kaos Strength Gym


Rhianon and Luke at Kaos Strength Gym wanted something that they could use to tell their story and to break the preconceived perceptions that people may have regarding their industry and their gym. They were keen to show that their gym was a place to come and feel valued and championed - regardless of your level of strength. They mainly wanted something to share with their existing follower base as a way of connecting with them a little more and sharing more of their personable side. We decided that a mini-doc would be perfect for this (and as soon as we laid eyes on their gorgeous puppy we knew he also had to be involved!) We arranged a shoot date for a few weeks later, and got to work sculpting the vision for the project ahead.  We shot this mini-doc before the gym opened for the day - so we were working with a pretty tight schedule! We were keen not to overwork the two athletes before their day of work and training even began, so we minimized the amount of heavy-lifting (pun very much intended!) that they had to do in order to get the shots we needed. We used atmosphere aerosol to get the hazy look we were going for, and wrapped for the day with time to spare! In the first 3 days after its release, the mini-doc had generated over 8000 organic views, 86 shares, 660 reactions and 74 comments. The duo are now set to host their own deadlift competition in May of 2019.

Find out more about them here.