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Have we mentioned yet that we make films and video? Well, just in case we hadn’t chewed your ear off enough yet, here is some more information about what we do.
Honestly, if you can film it we can do it. Events, weddings, music videos, corporate - if you can stick a camera in front of it, we will.

But where we truly shine is in our brand films.

We specialise in 3 types of brand film: 


Narrative Brand Films

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We’re talking fully scripted mini-films that spark emotion, excitement and, most importantly, entertain your viewers. Think of us as your fully-fledged creative team for hire. We thrive on diving deep into the message you’re trying to drive home and delivering it in innovative, eye-popping, rip-roaring, heartstring-yanking ways.

Social Media Videos

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A set of videos in easily digestible chunks (anything from a couple of seconds to a minute) which can be utilised within a larger marketing campaign. Thoroughly planned to give each individual video a specific meaning, this can be a great way to tell a larger story without throwing it all out there at once. They can be narrative, documentary-based, explainer videos or anything in-between! A great option when you’re looking to incorporate video content into your long-term marketing plans.


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Mini-Documentaries (or mini-docs) are another great way to tell your story. We can delve into your passion, your meaning and your values and present them to your viewers in a 2-3-minute-long documentary. This can also be further chopped up and utilised in even smaller chunks as separate videos on social media.

But that’s not all we do…

We love making brand films but of course that’s not all we do! We also create… 



Whether it’s a festival, a live gig or your great-granny’s first time scuba-diving (quite the occasion, huh?) we can be there to capture every little detail ready for you to re-live at the afterparty.


Product Videos

Got a shiny new product you want to show off? We can help you to get it front and centre with a couple of snazzy looking product videos.

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Music Videos

Feeling particularly soulful? We gotcha. Whether it’s a full-blown scripted epic or just a lovely performance piece - we can be there with a camera whilst you awkwardly mime along to your own voice.



WE DON’T NEED NO EDU… well, actually sometimes you do. And it doesn’t have to be boring so let us help add a bit of excitement to your training and educational videos.


Testimonials & Corporate

Who else is better to talk you up than a happy client or customer? And, while we’re at it, why not capture it on video? Social proof is in the pudding, or something like that. We also do corporate videos, but I couldn’t think of anything clever to say about that so…



…let’s just move on to the next box. But, actually, we’ve got a whole page about weddings so you’d be better off just going to that instead. Go on. Off you pop.

Our Content Creation Process.

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Phase 1 - Content Strategy.

Basically, you need a plan. The video content itself can be the most amazing thing ever (if we do say so ourselves) but, without a plan, you aren’t going to see a ROI. This is where Phase 1 of our Content Creation Process comes in.  In this stage of the process we will work with you to establish your target audience (and where they consume their content!), your yearly marketing vision and the types of content you need. From there, we will devise a strategy for not only the type of brand films or videos you need, but also what other content you may need such as blogs, images, etc. (which we can also produce in-house!). Finally, we will help you to construct and implement a plan for best utilising your shiny new content!

We will use all of this information to construct a detailed brief or treatment, which we will use as the basis for Phase 2.  

Phase 2 - Concept Creation.

Now comes the fun part! This is where we can really show off. In Phase 1 of our process we will get to know you, your brand, your values and your vision so when it comes to Phase 2 we will be able to tap into all of that and use it as inspiration to feed our crazy, ahem, I mean creativity. Seriously though, this is where the magic happens. This is where things get weird. We’re known for taking an idea and running with it, and usually come back with several options for you – all 100% in line with the initial brief. Once you’ve settled on a concept we will begin to delve reaalllll deep, leading to Phase 3.

Phase 3 - Pre, Production & Post.

Now we begin to give the concept some real legs. Enter scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting and all that fun stuff. This is what we live for. Taking an idea and bringing it to life is better than se… erm, I mean chocolate to us.  Also, we have all the gear and…. thankfully lots of ideas too. Phew. Basically, we’ve got you covered. If we don’t have the equipment or manpower needed for the job we will handle any rentals or additional members of crew and additional costs will always be discussed up front – so no nasty surprises!  And when the shoot is over we scurry off back to the office and get ourselves ready for the edit. This means the edit, colour grade, music licensing and sound design are also all handled in-house. We are busy beavers here. If beavers drank coffee. And ate lots of cheese. What do beavers actually eat? One moment. Okay, according to Google they eat leaves…. can’t relate. Anyway, back to the edit. We do that too, and we’re pretty good actually. 

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